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Tiny Goat is the house-label of Feldscher Consulting.





Following the Ruck-Truck-House-Plane philosophy of medical mission planning, the THP-Hanger is an optimised tool for extended patient care in austere environments. It takes over where the immediate care out of the rucksack has run it's course but the patient requires further treatment through the tactical field care phase up to and through the prolonged field care and evac care phases.


The THP-Hanger enables efficient patient care from a highly organised platform that offers adaptability and flexibility through it's modularity.


The THP-Hanger can be divided into three seperate compartments. The top module with it's velcro-molle panel lends itself for mounting of monitoring devices, ventilators and suction along with airway-breathing-circulation equipment at the head of the patient. The middle segment can be used to attach oxygen cylinders/ concentrators or infusion pumps at the side of the patient. The third module offers ample space for nursing and wound care and can be mounted at the feet of the patient.


The THP-Hanger is designed to be compatible with Talon II 90C litters. Thanks to it's further attachment points it has shown itself to be easily mounted on pretty much any litter, bed, inside helicopters, planes or non-medical vehicles.



0.52m x 1.45 m

1.5kg empty

500D Outer Shell

210HD Inside

UTX Buckles

Heavy Duty Zippers

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