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We support during planning, preperation and execution of projects with elevated risk of danger and injury. For this purpose we prepare lectures, custom courses for knowledge and skill development in the realms of threat awareness, threat avoidance and medical treatment in hostile or remote areas.

We are Recognized Educational Partners of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT) STOP THE BLEED.


Equipment consultation and realisation

We support in the development, testing, prototyping and manufacture of equipment for the tactical and expeditionary sector. From the idea to batch production to the highest standard.

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About Me

In 2006 I joined the Federal Defence Forces of Germany, serving until 2010 in the Army Reconnaissance Troops. After my honorable discharge I completed various courses in prehospital/ expeditionary medicine and close protection.


Since 2011 I contracted in a variety of roles in Africa and Asia. Among others I worked as a close protection officer and team medic for diplomats in Afghanistan and Libya, as a flight paramedic in a commercial MedEvac component of NATO SF elements working in Niger, as a consultant for tactical and expeditionary medicine in Kabul and as an instructor and mentor for various private and governmental units.


Since 2017 I am a consulting with a focus on emergency and expeditionary medicine, combat casualty care and prolonged field care. I instruct in the basic training and continuous education of various specialised units and clients.


2023 I started Feldscher Consulting, providing skill and knowledge transfer, organising operational support, existing equipment and assissting in the development, prototyping and batch production of new equipment and gear.

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Tiny Goat
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Solutions for complex and hostile environments



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