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Who am I

My name is Jochen Schumacher. In 2006 I joined the Federal Defence Forces of Germany, serving until 2010 in the Army Reconnaissance Troops. After my honorable discharge I completed various courses in prehospital/ expeditionary medicine and high risk close protection in Germany, South Africa and the USA.

Since 2011 I have been contracting in a variety of roles in Africa and Asia. Among others I worked as a close protection officer and team medic for diplomats in Afghanistan and Libya, as a flight paramedic in a commercial MedEvac component of NATO SF elements working in Niger, as a consultant for tactical and expeditionary medicine for the german Foreign Office in Kabul and as an instructor and mentor for various private and governmental units.

Since 2017 I am consulting with a focus on emergency and expeditionary medicine, combat casualty care and prolonged field care. I instruct in the basic training and continuous education of various specialised units and clients.

2023 I started Feldscher Consulting, providing security consultation, skill and knowledge transfer, organising operational support, existing equipment and assissting in the development, prototyping and batch production of new equipment and gear.


What I offer

Transfer of knowledge, experiences and skills from my practical experience.

Security Consultation

Preperation, planning and implementation of security measures domestic and international.

Stop-The-Bleed Course

The Stop-The-Bleed program comes out of the United States and is specifically aimed at providing laypeople but also rescue and security forces with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to recognise and stop life threatening bleeds. While the utilised material and the techniques are fundamentally simple, the real world application often presents itself a bit more difficult than thought. During the Stop-The-Bleed course I do my best to impart my personal experiences and leave the students with the confidence of doing the right thing when required. Stop-The Bleed is a trademark of the US MoD, the course is certified from the American College of Surgeons and the Committee On Trauma.

Tactical Medicine CoTECC

Tactical medicine poses unique challenges for security and rescue forces. The treatment algorithm needs to account for the specific mechanisms of injury and the preventable deaths, the available material has to be used efficiently following principles of triage and the practitioner might be called upon performing invasive skills that are rarely used in daily practise and push us way out of our zone of comfort. In the advanced tactical medicine courses I aim to impart my practical experiences from close protection in hostile areas as well as my roles involving planning, building and running casualty collection points, expeditionary healthcare  facilities and ROLE-1 clinics in active zones of combat, remote area construction sites and demining operations.

As a recognized educational partner of the Committee of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care I follow the guidelines and principles of CoTECC and certify as such.



Feel free to contact me via email or signal.



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